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BitCoin in Kenya (english)

In Kenya there is one in a lounge at Kenyatta University, one in the middle of the city and one in a restaurant in Nyeri County: a BitCoin machine.

BETTYs PLACE – Restaurant in Nyeri

Bettys Place Restaurant accepts payments in the crypto currency BitCoin, but has set the minimum volume to 100 KSh. Customers can now enjoy their Nyama Choma and other favorite food and pay with BitCoin.

Although crypto currencies are not yet recognized by the Kenyan Central Bank as a legal currency, they remain popular worldwide and more and more people are interested in them in Kenya.

To pay with the virtual currency, you need a block-chain wallet linked to a mobile application that can manage, send and receive the digital assets.

The restaurant owner, Mrs Beatrice Wanjiru Wambugu, a crypto currency lover, says that so far three people have paid with BitCoins. They paid the equivalent of 4,000 KSh.

At the current rates, a Kenya Shilling corresponds to 0.0000015 BitCoin. Thus far it has earned 0.003 Bitcoin from its sales.

We convert the equivalent in local currency with the value of the BitCoins. The BitCoins can go to the eighth decimal place, e.g. 0.000000000001. You can pay an invoice for everything from Sh100, says Beatrice Wanjiru Wambugu.

Crypto currencies are to be regulated somehow

The Kenyan Parliament has recently convened Henry Rotich, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, through the Financial and National Planning Committee, to try to understand the depth of BitCoins and other crypto currencies used in the Kenyan market without any political formulation, regulation or law being passed in parliament.

The parliamentarians were surprised that there was a lounge at Kenyatta University, an ATM in the city and a restaurant in Nyeri, whose owners do business with BitCoin without government regulations and possibly without any awareness of how it works.

Earlier this year, the Central Bank of Kenya, through Governor Dr Patrick Njoroge, warned the public to invest in crypto currencies and to reduce or stifle any transfer of value related to crypto currencies through a circular to banks.

But in July, Parliament, through the Finance and Planning Committee, gave Secretary Henry Rotich two weeks to examine the feasibility of the rules on taxation and regulatory measures for krypton users. It is noted that untaxed revenues are high and the acceptance of crypto currencies is growing from day to day.

This prompted the regulator, the Central Bank of Kenya, to issue another statement contradicting the statement published earlier this year. The Kenyan Central Bank is open to the introduction of crypto currencies such as bitcoin as alternative payment methods, with the possibility of reducing fraud.

A good way? Perhaps Kenya will become interesting for Europeans who do not like the current European regulatory trends.