guest post: Internet and religion

How the Internet affects Christian religion

Without any doubt internet has changed the dimension of the religion to a major extend. The religion and its values are no where same after the arrival of the internet. The universal acceptance of mobile devices, like the smartphones, iPhone and iPad, is provoking a profound social change. Nothing has changed the world in such a short time as the Internet.


guest post: political campaign strategies in germany

A United States Perspective


As Germany prepares to go to the pools come September 24, aspirants are working round the clock to ensure they emerge victoriously. Aspiring Chancellors Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz have both adopted the online marketing strategies, a campaign strategy geared towards getting across to people irrespective of their locations.
Personally, I enjoy elections, I enjoy the campaign strategies used by various electoral bodies to achieve success, and I enjoy watching politicians move out of their comfort zones seeking for votes. Having blogged about the 2008 election campaign strategies adopted by President Barack Obama, I feel compelled to share some of my personal views regarding online campaign strategies of the Germans compared to that of the Americans.