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2018, Blog, english, Kenya

eGovernment. Kenya. (english)

The Kenyan government introduced electronic government services in 2014 to reduce the workload in its offices, make services more efficient and centralise the collection of fees. Fees for government services are collected and paid through the mobile money transfer system, also known as M-pesa. As a result, less cash is held in state institutions and the income is secured in state accounts.

The new processes save time for citizens and non-citizens who request and receive services at the touch of a button. Usually there were long waiting times.

The eGovernment services include:

  • National Transport and Safety Authority NTSA
  • Prosecutor General’s Office
  • DCI Directorate of Criminal Investigations
  • Immigration services
  • Land and spatial planning
  • KRA Kenya Tax Office
  • Affairs of the district governments
  • IFMIS & Ministry of Finance

National Transport and Safety Authority

This service is used by people who want to purchase a new vehicle registration certificate, renew it and book driving tests, have vehicle inspections carried out, pay vehicle owner fees and submit route applications.

Attorney General’s Office

These services are provided by the Prosecutor General’s Office:

  • Business registration, name search, registration and administration of new companies
  • Civil registration, application for birth and death certificates
  • Civil partnership, new marriage

Directorate of Criminal Investigations

A platform for the application and payment of police clearance certificates is provided here.

Immigration services

For people wishing to stay in Kenya on a long-term basis, we offer opportunities to apply for passports, visas, work permits, permanent citizenship and permanent residency.

Land and Spatial Planning

Title deeds, lease law, reminders and payments can be searched and processed here.

Kenyan Financial Administration

This service allows the payment of domestic taxes, customs duties, import duties, domestic excise duties and other revenue.

District government

All 47 district governments in Kenya allow building permits to be applied for.

Integrated financial management system

This is the payment bridge for governments and suppliers. All government suppliers are registered in the IFMIS system. The company accounts are linked to the confirmed account of the Central Bank of Kenya, through which the payment of the various service providers by the government is organised centrally.


E-government has made life easier for people. The possibility to use central Deenste on the Internet saves long ways and responsibility problems, complicated application procedures are eliminated, the payment of fees is simpler and safer and unnecessary visits to the authorities in case of missing or forgotten documents, for example.

In many cases, the renewal of a driving licence, for example, could take a whole day due to the long queues and the large number of people.


A classic example is in the land register. All land transactions are digitized by uploading all your identification documents to the country’s website. The Kenyan government must ensure a high level of security to prevent the loss of digital data. This also applies to the authenticity of the data. Manipulation of electronic data is easy. If this affects people’s lives through manipulation, destabilizing developments could sprout. I know from my own experience that paper is still highly regarded in these cases.

Corrupt persons have always benefited from the integrated financial management system (IFMIS) in the past. They have embezzled funds for services not provided and in other cases have always overdrawn the amounts to be paid. For example, a zero is simply added to the fees. Of course, these wrong numbers didn’t get into the system.

In Kenya, the government has lost billions of dollars because some corrupt officials have abused the trust placed in them. The eGovernment offer tries to close this gap. But even today there are still possibilities for manipulation by government employees. There is still a lot to be done here.