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Games of Thrones – The real life

Finally, the best series in the world is over. Except for our friends in China we had the chance to watch it. And? Were we frustrated? Or did we expect that?

Yes, I expected the end. That is why I am not disillusioned. If I had expected the end I would have wished for, I would now be frustrated. But I would be totally happy if Games of Thrones hadn’t turned out the way it was supposed to. It ended just like the real life.

Jon Snow didn’t become king. That’s good. He was weak and only survived or won every battle through the intervention of women. His feelings blocked the real view of what was necessary. He was weak. And weak men sometimes kill their strong women. It doesn’t matter. In the end his king, his brother, saves him so that he can escape to the cold north. So the Starks also have their killer or queen murderer next to the Lannisters.

And who survives after many years? Who governs? Who is in power?

Like in real life: The old clans still dominate. Something mixed. Something shrunk. A few insignificant gap fillers. The consultants have always been replaceable. No matter to which house they belonged. No problem.

The Lannisters provide the top advisor. The king comes from the Starks. There are two Stark kingdoms we could say. The other nobles still have their possessions and their power. It was inherited just after the death of some family members. In the beginning the king was a Lannister and the advisor a Stark. Now it’s vice versa. That’s always changing from time to time anyway.

When Samwell proposed democracy, he was blamed with laughter from all the houses. Also the beloved Starks. And? It doesn’t matter. Democracy is only an illusion anyway, isn’t it?

The situation at the end of Games of Thrones is basically the same as before. As in real life, the rich families remain in power. No matter who rules. No matter how many victims they have left behind. At the end there is also only joking at the government table.

The only person who really wanted to break this circle was the Dragon Queen. She wanted to smash every opponent. If she had not been murdered cowardly by her Flower-Jon, she would have had the lance placed on the chest of every house or sent the dragon. Consistent annihilation of the political opponents would have really shattered the wheel. But every revolution has its traitor. Every revolution has its Jon. And the Dragon Queen has led nothing but a revolution. With freed slaves, dissatisfied nobles (bourgeoisie) and adventurous soldiers. Not to forget the dragons.

Just like in real life. That with the dragons. And that with the Jon. And that with the rich families, which nobody has the courage to hang.

Great series. It doesn’t matter. Entertainment.