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German government plans national crypto currency

Well-informed circles from Berlin report that the German government is planning the rapid introduction of a national crypto currency. However, existing projects such as Ethereum, Waves or other platforms that allow tokens are not to be used for this purpose, but a separate block chain and infrastructure are to be set up. There will also be drastic measures for the entire cryptomarket and financial sector. The current corona crisis should be used effectively here.

Yes, it was an April fool’s joke.

The national crypto currency is to be created on a separate block chain based on the Stellar code. The major IT service providers of the federal government have already provided computer capacities. The costs for maintenance are said to have turned out to be so low that the project, as an employee of the Ministry of Finance put it, „can be shaken out of its sleeves on the side“.

The Federal Government plans to be able to initiate serious changes in the currency sector with this step. Extreme measures should help to stabilize the economy. The following key points are planned:

  1. Stellar code due to the economy of energy consumption.
  2. Link to the gold price for radical value stability.
  3. Support of value stability through a broad pool of participation from company values.
  4. Private individuals can purchase fixed-interest bonds (4.2%). Even foreigners!
  5. Issue of new identity cards including a debit card function with a lifetime free bank account, which is secured and managed by a state-owned bank administered by KfW.

The account will not allow any debts and will be able to serve as a salary account. It will also not be allowed to be seized. Pensions, annuities and state transfers will be paid out to the debit card on a personal basis. It has already been confirmed that the card can optionally be linked to credit card providers so that payments can also be made abroad. In addition, payment applications are to be offered for all platforms. Lending and additional financial products will continue to serve the normal banking sector. Although major upheavals are expected here, the current crisis should be used to consolidate the situation.

Government representatives have agreed that these measures are necessary to guarantee stability in Germany. Warning voices that a parallel currency to the euro is to be established have been appeased from the Foreign Ministry: „We are only planning a national stability project.

However, experts from the crypto industry and from the banking sector report that these measures, especially the gold bindings, will soon push up the price of gold, and Germany will create a currency that will be the new reserve currency at the moment of introduction and will deal the death blow to the dollar. The weakness of the USA under Trump is to be exploited here.

Directly from the chancellor’s office a source reports that already 01.01.2021 was set as a deadline. Due to the current crisis there should be sufficient work capacity. The new identity cards will only be issued upon request. The tax offices will carry out the distribution of temporarily valid debit cards in December in a hau-jerk action.

To establish the system and increase acceptance, however, further massive changes to the social systems are planned. For many observers of the political parties frighteningly, the CDU/CSU is planning to take over the social business games of other parties in order to, quote: „mercilessly oust them from the political game“. With the election year 2021 in mind, the corona crisis of the current federal government is to be used to maintain a lasting majority.

For example, a limited unconditional basic income is to be paid monthly to all citizens in Germany. The amount is to depend on the years of life spent in Germany. The child benefit already paid up to the age of 25 is to be fixed at 225 € per month. From the age of 25 onwards, the payment will be 450 € per month. At the age of 50 the payment will be increased to 900 € and at the latest at the age of 65 to 1,400 €. This is to ensure that work cannot become superfluous in young years, but that the labour market is relieved in old age. Pensions and annuities will be offset during the transition phase. Those who currently have higher claims will continue to receive them. In the medium term, payments of the basic income will lead to a reduction in the number of employees in the public sector (employment agency, social welfare office). However, this has been taken into account and is intended to compensate for personnel deficits in other areas. Parental benefits and payments for people with special disabilities will be provided in addition. The pension system will be replaced by this measure in the long term. Quote from the Adenauerhaus: „We will retain 50% of pension contributions as taxes. The rest will be a 10% pay rise for everyone, so to speak.“

To prevent a wave of immigration, a kind of green card will only be issued annually to allow the number of newcomers necessary to maintain the society. The basic income for persons without German citizenship will only be paid out if at least 15 years of permanent uninterrupted residence in Germany can be proven. Thereafter, it is not the years of life but the years lived that count. For example, a person who receives German citizenship at the age of 25 receives only € 225 for the first 18 years. This reduces the attractiveness. Further social benefits are not planned.

The Federal Government expects considerable protest, but is sure that the majority of people will support these changes. After all, the pensions of the basic pensioners and other pensioners will be massively increased and every young person will be relieved in the initial years of employment. Even middle-aged people will be able to go to work more relaxed.

The measures on the crypto-currency market will not be as bad. Here, payments in other cryptocurrencies are to be completely prohibited. In order to meet the needs of existing and foreign investors in other crypto assets, current crypto values can be sent to the following addresses.

Bitcoin: 12fnme5mP6a9Pw8C4E2SJYBykXhS1TEYY1

Dash: XcMdbtjfLonjYsimv7LfA4smasH84C6tAn


Eth: 0xb17671ac2c44caf7e529345ddc795f34f17b7f0d


Note: Transactions made to the above coin addresses will not be refunded!

Cryptoassets will only be valid as transfer currencies and may only be held for a maximum of 72 hours in the future.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Finance: „With these measures, we are establishing a new gold-linked reserve currency, ending gambling and creating a sustainable social system.“ Asked about the fact that strategists in the Adenauer House are counting on an election victory of more than 60% in 2021, the ministerial official could only emphasize that it does not matter who governs for how long, because in the end the apparatus itself is and will continue to be in power. „He will, however, have to work a little less from 2021.“

Based on the current crisis situation, the crypto currency is to be called APPLAUS (APPLS) in order to present a positive and motivating character.


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