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Internet in Kenya (english)

The underwater line in Kenya was first launched during the coalition government of H.E. Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga in 2010 under the Vision 2030 programme.

Its distribution has grown and its use has become more affordable over time. It is now easier for homeowners to get Internet services into their homes at very low cost than it was possible during dial-up connections. In the past, the Internet connection in the home was a reserve for a few Kenyans who were extremely rich.

In Kenya, there are about three large companies offering fiber optic Internet access services or similar technologies for homes and offices:

1. Wananchi online with their zuku TV & fibre
2nd Safaricom with its Livebox offer
3rd Jambo Telkom faiba


Zuku Fiber offers Internet via Power over Ethernet (POE). The company has partnered with the Kenyan power and lighting company KPLC to enable their fiber optic lines to operate below existing power lines, which has made it easier to achieve wide distribution and easy coverage around Nairobi. For Zuku, Nairobi was the showcase city. The spread in the country is slower.

This Internet access is the most widely used option in Kenya as it is the cheapest, fastest and most reliable.
They offer unlimited Internet for about 10 Euros per month for 5 Mbpsm plus a very low one-time connection fee.
For about 12 Euros customers get 5 Mbps Internet, a free zuku digital TV set-top box for signal and voip phone per month.
This solution is mainly used at home and in small offices.


Safaricom had to dig trenches in and around Nairobi to lay their fiber optic cables. In order to be able to offer their services to private users, they come in second place in terms of prices and costs. Their cheapest package costs around 29 euros per month. Another offer is the safaricom livebox, where they offer a digital TV set-top box for television, but with the possibilities of Internet access for home users. Television and Internet, however, only against further payments in this model. The live box costs about 100 euros for purchase and installation. To use it, customers have to buy Internet bundles as usual for the use of mobile phones.


This is a cooperation within the framework of the Telekom Kenya platform, which was initially a government initiative, but was later privatized. Their fiber optic cables run beneath the surface and, like Safaricom, first had to dig trenches to lay their cables.

They offer the most expensive options on the market. Unaffordable for home users and small businesses as their lowest cost per month is around 50 euros. Also, their market share is lowest.
They also offer ZTE 4G routers for sale for small office or home connections, but their cost is higher than any other on the market.

However, the cost should be seen in relation to income in Kenya. The average income is 150 €. A good job also brings 300 to 400 €. Mobile internet is still more widespread because of this, because it is cheaper.