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2020, Blog, english, Kenya

Kenya: I want my money

The Corona crisis has brought us some weird ideas. Without an existing social system – with the exception of their own family – and with no wages and salaries, people have to see where they earn money. In the meantime life is slowly opening up again, but we still have to fight hard here in Kenya.

To earn a good living, sometimes the wildest jobs are taken or other activities are carried out. One of them is watching paid advertising. Really. That exists.

So you watch hours of commercials and ads and commercials. The butt hurts and the content blows your mind. I can’t buy a single product I see. Cruel. But what are people without jobs going to do? Not everyone writes for kowabit once in a while and can burn Kowa’s reader’s donations.

Back to advertising. So you watch $100 worth of advertising. Don’t ask me how much nonsense you have to put up with. But after $100, you’ve cleared a hurdle and are closer to your money than ever. But still far enough to not really let the provider pay.

The next hurdle is recruiting thirty more people who have nothing better to do than watch commercials. Yeah. When I looked up – honestly – 547 dollars – yes, it was only for this blog post here – I had recruited only 26 people. So it takes time. When I was in my thirties, I was so sure that I was as close to the payout as I had ever been.

Well. Unfortunately not. To get my money, I would have had to wait another 30 – 60 days, because I’m so fresh and not yet verified. Very annoying. I am not a professional just now.

But the makers of the site are really nice. If you pay $15 in Bitcoins, you can withdraw your money immediately. Guys! Why didn’t they say so? So quickly the money that you earned with a real job (Kowa’s reader donations) exchanged at a rip-off in Bitcoin and … well, the Bitcoins never arrived.

No one could have known that.

Who wants to have a look at this little scam: www.ekvideon.xyz . If you should go to the registration during a small mental breakdown, please contact me first. If I recruit even more spectators, I might take care of another hurdle. For example, after a 60-day waiting period, maybe I can pay out immediately if I can match a current photo with all the people I have recruited, who must come from at least 50 different countries. Who knows?

But honestly. If you need views, then book us Kenyans. For 15 minutes I’ll accept 25 cents. That’s one euro an hour. That’s 8 euros a day. It’s 40 euros a week. 160 euros for four weeks. Make 640 views a month for you. That’s a bargain you can only get with me.