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Kenya: Social marketing and job options

Kenya is online. For a long time. Shopping online, doing business and an almost unique mobile payment system define us. That’s why marketing is part of every corporate strategy. Social networks are still the hit here. Sometimes more, sometimes less successful. What do Kenyans have to do to gain experience in this field?

As a rule, not unusually elsewhere in the world, some of us receive invitations via social networks. From friends, acquaintances or strangers. An appointment for a training of any more or less known person is viral. Since Kenya has a high youth unemployment, it is sometimes not difficult to find interested people. And social marketing just sounds too good. Surely someone gets rich very quickly?

So I was able to make an appointment. I arrived at the right place at the right time and had to register. But I don’t just leave my name, I also leave the name of the person who sent the invitation. The training is then relatively simple. Basic topics are discussed, standardized procedures in social networks. You may be able to use this knowledge for other products, but the truth is that this is not the focus. The organizers try to persuade the participants to promote further seminars and to animate their acquaintances to take part in a seminar. Each participation of a recruited person is honored. If many persons come, the recruiter receives a high fee. But it is only a pyramid game.

Desperate individuals and people looking for work pay for a registration between 30 € and 50 € and often still 2 € for the event itself. Those who successfully advertise receive a small commission. Of course directly transferred by the recruited person and not by the organizers. Only the organizers makes profit. Every level of new users already has a hard time finding new prospective customers who are willing to pay high registration fees. This form of multilevel marketing is only a pure redistribution from the poorest in society to the richest. Socially and economically without added value. It is successful. But only at the cost of the desperate.

My advertiser accidentally sent me a wrong date for this event. Although I took part in it, he did not receive any commission. I was not supposed to transfer anything because of this mistake. These are the rules. Persons who, for example, voluntarily pay up to 50 € for initiatives such as www.freelancerkenya.com only notice some time later that the whole system is fraud. Half of the monthly rent is then however already gone.