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2018, Blog, english

Living without a timeline

Is there a life without social networks? No more messages from friends and family? No funny cat pictures? No contact to the Internet citizen? Is that possible? Sure.

In the middle of this year I deleted all my accounts in social networks. I had only used Facebook for about two months last year anyway. Instagram a little longer. Twitter really long. And damn it. That really saved time so far.

At first I thought:

Can I handle it?

I wasn’t addicted to it anyway, but Twitter was already funny. Instagram for modern man, like the discovery of fire.

Look what I’ve set on fire!

But the decision was clear. I had no more interest. It was a waste of time. Basically, there is no added value. You are always accessible. More accessible than by telephone. And, if you are logged in, everyone knows that you have received the message. Awesome. Social networks are stress. I have freed myself from it. As a low user. And still not regretted. If i conquered an hour a day with this step, then it was a success. And I can use the hour otherwise. Sleeping, maybe.

Another positive effect: far less consumption of forced advertising. Even with an adblocker something always came through. Especially with the apps. I had no more interest on it. I marked most of the advertising as indecent anyway. No difference for what.

And the contacts? Sure, some communication was funny. But from my contact list I knew 4 Twitterers and 4 Instagramer personally. But there were 500 other users as well. I don’t know. Sometimes here, sometimes there a little chat. But nothing more.

And how was that for the blog? After all, I distributed my posts there and attracted visitors. Well. No change. Everything stayed the same.

The own contact circle will be family, colleagues, friends and often the ones you have left behind. Sporadic contacts mostly. There is nothing more. With nobody. Even if you have thousands of followers or virtual friends, they have practically no influence to you. Reverse, maybe. You imagine an influence and try to represent someone else. But that’s senseless. As a private person anyway. As an influencer, i.e. professionally, even just a show. A show up to burnout. Waste of time.

If all users of social networks would spend the same time on good acts that they are wasting in scrolling and filling timelines, the planet would probably be in a better condition.