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Mozilla is dead

If the official news and the unofficial information come true, I believe that Mozilla will die. Ciao Firefox, ciao Thunderbird. Sorry. Also goodbye to all other products that nobody ordered.

In an official blog post and an e-mail (PDF) Mozilla announces that a quarter of the employees are to be fired. The current Corona crisis have contributed to this. However, the explanation for this action is only PR-speech. In the message to all employees there is again talk of new products and they are supposed to adopt a new way of thinking. Mozilla has often been criticized in the past. Projects like pocket, Send, Lockwise, Firefox OS were/are either born dead and/or burned a lot of money and resources. I have never met anyone in my professional life who has used the additional products or features. Honestly. Me neither.

According to unofficial information e.g. via Twitter or Github the documentation team, the Firefox engine team (Gecko) and the security team are affected (1, 2, 3, 4). In a crisis never the responsible head of an organization saying goodbye. The head that should have made its own company crisis-proof. Now the most important organs of the whole body are apparently being removed.

Which products Mozilla wants to market without these teams remains the secret of the management floor. As an administrator in the main job and helper in the private sphere for some people, Firefox as a browser can no longer be an option. The danger of unpatched security holes and lack of further development in the core area endangers the infrastructure and systems. Decision makers also have to pay attention to this when it comes to equipping company networks with software. An organization that buries the most important committees for the maintenance of its products no longer has a product.

If Mozilla wants to survive, the management will be fired with unearned compensation, the most important departments will be strengthened, products that nobody ordered will be discontinued and the organization will be limited to its core competence. Browser, email, security, adaptability and the fight for a free Internet. And they work with all their might to ensure that the products will become an integral part of everyday life and all operating systems.

Three months. That’s all the time they have for a clear signal. After that, users have to make a decision. Unfortunately, it will probably only be something with chromium.

Poor Internet.


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