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S_x-Business in Kenya (english)

In Kenya the offers for adults in the erotic area has been increasing day by day in the last years. Prostitution is a growing industry with the help of online services. For interested people it is no longer necessary to move at night in the red light districts.

Kenya is one of the most popular destinations for sex tourism. The government has already been accused in the past of doing too little against sex tourism and child exploitation. Especially on the coast, which is popular with white tourists. The good weather and the white sandy beaches are often not a reason for the stay, but the possibilities to buy cheap sexual services. The damage left behind to women, men and children is uninteresting for visitors.

The sex business has now discovered the Internet and is online. At the push of a button, blog pages and websites for call girls/boys present an offer with filtered results in terms of age, skin colour, race and body type. The business also runs on Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram. Normal classifieds sites are filled with offers. Search queries from white tourists often result in hundreds of offers.

This development is a challenge for Kenya. Many young people want a simple but pleasant lifestyle. Hard work is part of everyday life in Kenya. Long working days with low wages are normal. Escaping into prostitution is a problem of poverty. Fast money for sexual favors.
They quickly fall for fraudulent websites. They pay admission to receive offers from sugar daddies and sugar mommies. But offers do not come and all the important data they have given away. The entrance fee is gone. Because of these failures it is not rare that on real Call-Girl/Boy pages there is no more discretion. Authentic data is disclosed and recommendations from customers are part of it. From this point they are trapped in the cycle of prostitution. They have turned themselves into goods.

In the past, the sex*workers were waiting in the red light districts for customers at night on the streets and in some famous bars and restaurants such as the Simmer Pub, the K1 Bar and restaurants on Koinange Street and parts of Kenyatta Avenue, Westlands and even Parliament Street.

Now trading continues day and night. The impact on a Christian country with more conservative values can only be felt in a few years‘ time when the adult-generation from families with more kids are asked to explain to their children what work they are doing. The Internet rarely forgets.