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SIGNAL – Change now #deletewhatsapp

WhatsApp will introduce advertising on the status pages in the near future. The way for further options is very small from this step. Facebook will want to earn money far more effectively with the users.

While WhatsApp’s former creators rejected plans for advertisement and left Facebook, users should now follow them. The former WhatsApp founders themselves gave a tip where the best alternative is. One of the former WhatsAppler invested $50 million in SIGNAL.

SIGNAL offers everything. The only exception is that there is no status page. A social network character is not planned.

But full encryption for communication. News, pictures, video chat. Everything possible. If desired, messages can expire automatically after some time. SIGNAL already made the headline that it stores virtually no metadata. In an answer to a request for information from the FBI, the operators could only tell when the user opened the account and when he was last connected. Practically nothing.

In the upcoming planned updates/improvements a function called Sealed sender will be introduced. Sealed sender. With this step, SIGNAL no longer even knows who is writing with whom. They don’t even want to know anyway. It couldn’t be better. They are also working on anonymizing the IP address. If you want to communicate undisturbed and like the simplicity of WhatsApp, you have to switch to SIGNAL.

At the moment everything speaks for using SIGNAL and deleting WhatsApp. You can install the app via the well-known AppStores. Sets messages to expire after seven days. Set a PIN to protect the app (careful: no status messages). And tell it your friends.

WhatsApp will change. Although the communication content is also encrypted, a closer connection to Facebook, including Instagram, will allow tailored advertising to be presented. Your data from the use of other services will be used against you. Meta data is sufficient to conclude on contents and contacts. Everyone should be aware that they have to defend themselves against this.

Everyone has the right not to be pursued and not to be analyzed. We also bear responsibility for our fellow human beings, family members, friends, acquaintances and customers.
Creates awareness for the protection of our own data in the family circle and with friends. And damn it: #deletewhatsapp !

If you contact me, you can be sure that the communication contents will be deleted after seven days. Your mobile phone number will also not be entered in my address book. You simply disappear again from my sphere of influence.