Project: Old fairy tales, legends and stories from Kenya

Hello. Welcome to Project Kenyan Fairy Tales.

This project is meant to be a part of it.

We are looking for old and very old fairy tales and legends from Kenya and around. Old wisdoms and educational, experience-based and exciting stories that your grandparents have already been told by their grandparents.

The goal is the creation and collection of literary cultural heritage, which has been passed on over centuries in the families of grandparents to children and grandchildren and so on.

The resulting collection will be published in three languages per book. In English, Swahili and German.

Is this an exciting offer? Help us to keep cultural values from your region for eternity.

If you know a story, please use the following form. If you know someone who maybe still knows old fairy tales, ask them or refer to this project. If there are old stories and fairy tales from other countries around Kenya (East-Africa), we are happy to record them.

Each received message gets a unique code. Each story is checked by us and must be confirmed by three more people of our choice. The story is then recorded. If it is not directly a fairy tale and is less a story, a professional author’s workshop will create a story to convey the message of the legend.

Every successful submission that we want to record will be rewarded with 2,50 € (~ 250 KSH). *

Please only one story per submission. Each submission can be rewarded. It is possible to submit 10 stories and be rewarded 10 times.

Important note:

There are already a few books and collections about East African stories. However, these collections are very small and have minimal external influence. Our aim is to further spread East African stories.
Please do not copy existing stories from other books. We check submissions for violations.


If your email address is incorrect, we will not be able to contact you.
First name and last name are enough.
Tell us what you know. English or Swahili.
This information is important to check the story.
This information is important because we can only record stories that are older than 150 years.
If I don't fill out these fields, I won't be named.
First Name Last Name, Region. If I don't fill out these fields, I won't be named.


Support us:

Every donation to also goes to this project. Keyword: Kenya.

  • All donations under 50 € will be used for research and rewards. Donors up to 50 € are mentioned as supporters in the book.
  • From 50 € you will receive the book as a gift. We will find a way to deliver it to you. No matter where you live. Donors from 50 € are named as honourable donors in the book.
  • Donations from 1000 €, will be used to pre-produce editions. Donors from 1000 € are named at the beginning of the book as the main contributors to the project. Furthermore, this donors will receive a special copy of the book, which will not be available in stores.


June 2019 – Start of the project

September 2019 – Review of all incoming mail.

November 2019 – Notification of rewards and start of payouts.

Dezember 2019 – Information about support imprints in the book. (Without reward)

January 2020 – Compilation of the book in Swahili, English and German.

Publication by June 2020.

* If you submit a story that has already been submitted by another person, you will unfortunately not be rewarded with 250 KSH. But we will mention your name as well as all other names of participants in the books to be published. So you can also leave a footprint in the history.

* However, the reward can only be given for complete stories. Small anecdotes, mystherias or rumours are gladly taken up and redesigned by us. We would make exceptions if you can really submit a lot of short memories of phrases or anecdotes.

* Payment via PayPal or M-Pesa