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Kenya: The attack on DusitD2

It all started with a loud bang. In a car. In a parking lot. Followed by four shooters shooting at anything that moved. Security guards, civilians. A long-planned attack on the Dusit D2 hotel and business centre in Nairobi.

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The Social Engineering Attack

The term social engineering refers to an act of psychological manipulation of a human being. In Germany, the best known form is the grandchild trick. But this form of attack has also found its way into the areas of computer and information…


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Dumpster Diving

Letztens sortiere ich eine Menge Papiere aus. Ich lege sie auf die erste Stufe der Treppe, damit die erste Person, die das Haus verlässt, das Papier in die Papiertonne werfen kann. Auf die zweite Stufe lege ich Bücher, die ich später noch…