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Kenya: I want my money

The Corona crisis has brought us some weird ideas. Without an existing social system – with the exception of their own family – and with no wages and salaries, people have to see where they earn money. In the meantime life is…


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Investments in Kenya

In Kenya, a banking and financial investment law has come into force that affects many people. My sister Liz, who lives in Germany, was almost a victim of this new law because she deposited her savings in a Kenyan bank.

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Music in and from Kenya

For about ten years, the Kenyan and african music industry has been making a big development leap. The best examples and comparison can be found on Youtube. Video quality, beats and rhythms can easily keep up with western productions.

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Ecommerce in Kenya

With the provision of basic technology infrastructure and market research opportunities to help retailers, brands and other companies use the power of the Internet to connect with customers, Kenya is also developing an extensive online business. The experience already gained in the…


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Ermittlungen und Justiz (Update 19.12.2013)

Auf Twitter und in Zeitungen wird momentan sehr mutig darüber gesprochen, dass sich die Vertipperdomains oder Weiterleitungs- bzw. Umleitungsgeschichte durchsetzt und Betroffene aufatmen können. Das wäre schön. Ich würde aber vorsichtig sein mit Freudensprüngen. Die ominösen Domains (retdube etc.) sind anonym im…