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Tell me …

User: Tell me, what is it like with viruses? What do you have to do there?

Admin: Well, imagine a virus infects your systems.

User: Yes good. What do I do then?

Admin: First of all, you isolate all devices that have been identified as infected.

User: Yes, that sounds familiar. And then?

Admin: Then you check if the virus became active. If it is inactive, you can clean the system and monitor it in quarantine for a while.

User: Yes, makes sense.

Admin: Then you check where this device has communicated to. This way, you try to find other devices that may have been infected, to test them and possibly isolate them. Or, to even find patient zero.

User: Yes, it’s a lot of work, isn’t it?

Admin: Sure. But if you don’t find any more infections, you can take care of the infected system in peace.

User: But what if there are more and more infections?

Admin: Well, then you have to isolate the whole affected network, so that nothing jumps over any network boundaries.

User: So the scan will start again from the beginning, but only one level higher?

Admin: You can describe it that way.

User: What if the network is fully infected?

Admin: Then you have to replace all systems.

User: That’s hard.

Admin: A lot of work, yes.

User: If the earth is a network and the people are the systems, what would you do as an admin of this network?

Admin: Then I would realize that I chose the wrong job.

User: No, honestly.

Admin: Then I would have to realize that the company management has failed completely.

User: I am sure many people agree.

Admin: To restore order, security and health of the network, I would have to turn everything off.

User: How to turn it off?

Admin: Well, if the earth is a network and the people are the systems, then airplanes, trains, buses and ships would be the data highway. Since firewalls seem to fail or are missing in places all over the network, and open ports, i.e. gateways, exist on all systems, the systems are of lousy quality. And so are the networks.

User: Oh, that sounds tough.

Admin: So you have to stop everything. No planes, no trains, no buses, no ships anymore. Everything must stop.

User: Soon there will be no more toilet paper.

Admin: Nobody forces you to produce essential things on the other side of the world? The next step is to isolate each subnetwork. You start with the small city networks, then land networks, then state network groups and continental networks. Depending on where infections have been detected.

User: And who will do that?

Admin: Well, you as a functioning state network will surely have a highly equipped and prepared security and health division, because it is one of your core tasks to be prepared for such crises. You can never save money. Not with the personnel, not with the equipment. You always need more than is necessary in normal times and are forced to finance it. Unless you are a corrupt bastard.

User: Holla the forest fairy.

Admin: Since your systems have to be kept running, i.e. the healthy and uninfected and of course those you can still save, you have to provide energy supplies. As a state network, you also have to control this sector in order to guarantee its functionality. Food for the systems. And of course the transport sector, so that all data gets to the right destination and unnecessary data is not transported in times of crisis. As a responsible management level, you must never leave such things in the hands of others. Otherwise you are an organizational risk or even a malware.

User: Okay. So socialism. And then?

Admin: Usually there are always areas that stay clean. There you let the normal network work and use it to help the other subnets.

User: What do I do now after successfully isolating all networks and after separating infected from non-infected?

Admin: If you can clean systems, everything is fine.

User: And the rest?

Admin: If the systems were not human, you would have to replace them. But since the human system is capable of self-healing, there is hope if you just shut everything down and take a break.

User: How would you solve the Corona crisis?

Admin: The boss should simply reprogram the world.

User: No, honestly now. The majority of people are not afraid. The Robert Koch Institute says that big events should be avoided. That’s biting when you see the measures in other states.

Admin: If you want to avoid big events, you have to close public transport first. And if we don’t want to take the danger seriously, then we as a society should officially define how many people have to die first before we take it seriously. If the world were a computer network, I would throw it away now. But back to the real question. All power to health, all power to safety. Permanent acquisition of all relevant companies. Health and Pharma, Energy, Security. Ensure government control to supply the population. Also by taking over entire branches of industry. Water and food. These areas must be operated with caution, but primarily. Shut down all other branches and just let the people recover in peace.

User: With full income compensation?

Admin: Yes. We all work way too much anyway, the incomes are also wrongly distributed and we also consume too many resources. Maybe the best time for a basic income. The best opportunity to realize that we have to change something in our network. And when we have the infection under control, we immediately afterwards exchange all organizational risks and false prophets and do not replace these systems with other people, but with unchangeable rules that put people at the center.

User: And if we do not do this?

Admin: Then only snake oil helps.


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