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The bull who tracks you

Sometimes I find special offers on the web and then I hit it. Not because I need the software, but because I want to test it. Simply out of pure interest. I don’t want to ask to get any gift. Then I can’t write honestly, or get what some manufacturers offer me: Prefabricated articles.

Unfortunately, most tests are so harmless that it’s not worth writing an article about them. I then register this under money away, test for free. But today it was very sad.

I discovered the security software vendor Bullguard a while ago. An extensive portfolio. Security software, VPN software and all that for the different operating systems Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. No Linux.

I could buy Bullguard Internet Security some time ago.

The software also ran for a while and didn’t attract much attention. It finds test viruses and even shoots away software that is rather unusual. I once loaded a software from the Darknet and it was then also blown away nicely. It wasn’t planned, but it happened. There doesn’t really seem to be a quarantine, because a restitution of the sacrificed software was impossible. Doesn’t have to be wrong. It was a bit annoying for me.

It indicates a missing update of the operating system and for gamers it also offers a mode to shoot undisturbed. Actually quite normal and as one imagines it as an fearful unexperienced user: Do anything, report from time to time, don’t get on my nerves and feel good.

But they’ve done something that at least I couldn’t forgive them if I seriously used the software on production machines. With a test machine, I don’t care now and a year’s use goes by quickly before I try new software again.

I’m blocking a lot of web domains on my hardware firewall. If you know kowabit, you also know the blocklist. And now Bullguard has become the downfall.



The picture shows it. A part of Bullguard tries to connect to google-analytics.com. With each start. And also in between the software tries it again and again. Just doesn’t work with my system. Fully stupid.

Seriously. Security software is controversial. I definitely rely on some solution for inexperienced users and companies. Too many users, too many errors, too many problems, too much dependence on Microsoft force me to use some help. I don’t use any on my Linux boxes. Unless it’s a ScanPC designed for USB sticks or specifically for malware analysis.

But nothing is worse than having such a software company install such nonsense into their software. Tracking the user at every start. No matter where you are in the world. That really goes to far.

The security risk alone if the Bullguard VPN solution is still running in parallel. Nothing with anonymity and undisturbed surfing. Fingerprints and linked account data and then Google’s collective madness.

This supplier is not a recommendation. And the Supportchat does not answer at all.

PS: There is no advertising relationship with companies mentioned here. Definitely not.


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