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2020, Blog, english


I’m sure you’ve read or heard it. Trump doesn’t like TikTok. He doesn’t like Tik-Tok because of the Chinese. Apparently, they use it for espionage. That’s why he wants the app banned in the United States. He also wants to ban the WeChat app. He has already issued a decree to do this. (1, 2)

TikTok is a video app. Entertainment on the go. WeChat is an app for communication and even with payment function. Mainly used in China.

I am over 40 years young. I had already heard TikTok. But I have never used it. I do not have the time for that. A few days ago, a visitor came to see my daughter. The girl had TikTok on her smartphone. She explained the app to me and I observed how it was used.

I had made a judgement very quickly. I have to test TikTok. Installed on my test phone and started. At the beginning you choose a few categories to get started. I chose humorous, learning and society. The consumption of videos should finally bring me some value. The good thing is that everyone of you can test the app that way. A registration beyond this level is not necessary for the consumption. Only those who want more would have to open an account.

I had planned to test TikTok for two hours. It should already be one movie length to make a judgement. If my daughter’s classmates use this app, she will sooner or later come across TikTok as well.

I have given myself the additional task of keeping a tally sheet. I wanted to know how many videos I watch in the two hours and how many videos I have to laugh or take something positive with me. It is not about casual laughter when there is a small funny scene, but hearty, beautiful laughter. Knowledge must trigger an eye-opening effect.

And so it began … and I was there for 24 minutes. After that I was completely exhausted.

I consumed 74 videos. I laughed once.

TikTok is continuous bombardment with short videos. The Stalin organ of entertainment. You can really feel how big parts of your own brain explode and are useless afterwards.

TikTok is the cruelest app, the worst entertainment I have ever experienced. I have seen different actors performing the same sketch. I’ve seen German stars in bad performances. I’ve seen people acting as if they already have no brain at all. I’ve seen young people acting as if they were the children of adults who have no brains. It was a culture shock.

I can’t explain how bad, how underground, how primitive the content if TikTok is. Respect for every TikTok entertainer who produces trash every day and finds fans who give him presents for it. I don’t know if it should be the goal of life to produce trash, but 24 minutes showed me that nuclear waste is less toxic than the contents on TikTok.

TikTok does not exist in our household. The domains are blocked in the router. It is completely irresponsible to let underaged people use this app. At Apple and in the Google Play Store the app is listed from 12 years of age. And just like my daughter, however, the visitor was younger than 12 years. And according to her, many of her classmates use this app. Do parents buy their children smartphones to turn them into zombies on purpose? Terrifying. TikTok is proof that parents who don’t monitor their children’s online use must be severely punished.

TikTok should not be banned for fear of Chinese espionage. TikTok should be banned for being stupid on a massive scale. A realistic classification would be from the age of 18. Then it would be ensured that ex-minors can only go through this garbage dump of do-it-yourself entertainment when it can be assumed that they have developed a few brain cells.

If you have never tested TikTok, but there are people in the household who consume the contents, then inform yourself. Be prepared, however, that you will start to doubt the viability of some TikTokers and especially the users. And if not, I wish you a happy life, but please never go to a democratic election.

TikTok? Never!


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