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2019, Blog, english, Kenya

Wayne (english)

Technology has many advantages, both positive and negative. In Kenya, drug trafficking is thriving today through the use of electronic communication in an unimaginable way.

First level drug dealers use our communication technology to attract young hopeless individuals. The promise to make them rich quickly seduces. The wish for a better life with financial security drives many people into illegality.

I know one example personally. I call him Wayne. That’s not his real name. He never had a real job, no education and had already left high school after three years. He consumed television series and played computers.

One day he was approached by an influential leader of an university. Wayne realized that he was being observed for a long time. His activities in social networks were openly visible and brought the man and other contacts directly to him. He fitted into the profile that makes small drug dealers successful today.

He was offered the opportunity to get rich quickly and Wayne agreed. Out of his situation he had no other choice. It was just a job for him at first.

Wayne is a millionaire today. After a short time. He lures young people and children into dependence. Addressing them through social networks, common interests and longings allows many people to manipulate. Wayne catches them and keeps them trapped in a ring of addiction, drugs, small illegal businesses and cartels. Not infrequently, the worst developments are covered by people in the government apparatus.

Kenya is not an African exception. Opportunities for foreign criminal rings to earn money from money laundering, smuggling of counterfeit products and drugs through political actors or government levels are not unknown.
It is not uncommon for criminal networks to later transform themselves into political networks in order to launder their money and protect their sick wealth.

Wayne also wanted more. He competed for a political seat. He wanted to represent a constituency in the Kenyan parliament, but had no success.
Some of his business partners now sit in parliament and represent the interests of structures that should be fought.



Information: The person was interviewed by Fred, but is also known to him personally. The content of the publication was reviewed for security reasons.