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What will happen in 2020

You can‘ t really see into the future. A few people make money with it, but we don’t really believe them. But you can see tendencies. With a criminal, it is relatively possible to end up in prison at some point. Bankers can still do anything. Some politicians can too. A member of the black block will probably kick a stone one day. A Nazi shooting someone. But we don’t know that for sure. And what about IT now, after these drastic statements?

Actually, the same.

We will continue to see data leaks. In small companies, in medium companies and in large companies. Technical failure, human error and the evil hackers will have done it.

We will continue to receive SPAM emails, because apparently somebody is still ordering Viagra from people and in online shops he/she doesn’t even know. Thanks for that.

We will continue to receive emails that try to put malware on us. Either to steal our data or to encrypt it. Blackmailing Bitcoins is booming. Apparently the only use of this crypto currency.

We will continue to see that companies and organizations are not putting enough money into their IT infrastructure. While there is a growing desire for digitalization, security is not one of our priorities. Paying personnel better? Invest in the necessary technical infrastructure? Just don’t overload us.

We will see that more and more processes will be moved to the cloud. The cloud, the cloud, the cloud. Some companies will fall for it, while others will earn an unspeakable amount of money. But few participants will benefit from it. It will only be expensive. And instead of taking responsibility and keeping control, they continue to make themselves absolutely dependent on a few server farms of a few global players.

We will continue to see important systems from power plants, life-securing systems in hospitals or IoT devices hanging openly in the net and being an invitation to every blackhat.

We will see that nothing changes. It is more likely that people will copy their brains to the cloud than that we will choose to use technology wisely. Sometimes it would even make sense to do without technology. Not every trend is an improvement.


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