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2019, Blog, english

Why biometrics is so cool.

You got the news? A company based in Korea had a problem. The company stores biometric data of customers. And some irrational security fanatics were able to prove that the fingerprints of over a million people could be accessed online. Unbelievable.

The beauty of biometric data, however, is that you could change it very easily if you became the victim of a data leak.

Customers whose fingerprints were freely accessible can now defend themselves just like you:

  1. You can separate your fingertips from your fingers.
  2. With the help of a grinding device you can remove your fingerprints. In the hope that your body will not reproduce the same characteristics.
  3. Alternatively, as in the movie Men in Black, you have a device that removes your fingerprints. You already know!

Of course, there are also other ways to exchange biometric data. If you log in somewhere with your face and the database is hacked, the easiest step is to go to the plastic surgeon. You simply change all the essential features and the hacker can no longer do anything with the stolen data.

If you have already implemented a login via iris (eye) and are also a victim of a hacker, you could always try to walk around with contact lenses or perform a simple eye exchange operation. However, the new eye should not have been registered in any database yet. You already know why!

Biometrics is the future. The change of passwords, the creation of secure passwords and e.g. a two-factor authentication have not been successful so far and have turned out to be too complicated in practice.

Let’s just break new ground. And being a victim of a hacker attack can always happen. Especially if you store your data with other service providers.


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